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2019  Category  Award  Winners

2018 Award Recipients
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Tonya Perry
360 Manager Award
Joanna Hale McGill
Artist of the Year Award
LeVar Robinson & Children of Christ Gosp
Amazing Choir Award
C. Ashley Brown Lawrence
Female Vocalist of the Year Award
Tiffany Coleman McGee
Gospel Rap Award
Tiffany Coleman McGee
Kingdom Influence Award
Derrick Bridges
Male Vocalist of the Year Award
Billy Bradley & Heart of Worship
Outstanding Choir Award
Keneisha Williams
Phenomenal Praise & Worship Leader Award
Connie O'Billo & Chosen Arts Dance Schoo
Mime/Praise Dance Award
Drei Hurd
Producer/Engineer Award
Fred Perry & 2nd Generation
Quartet Group Award
Pas Ken Braxton
Skilled Instrumentalist Award
Dr. Aimee Clute
Song of the Year Award "Revolution"
Serena REE Greene Murray
Songwriter Award
Nathan Laster
Radio Host Award
Janice Green Merrell
Traditional Artist Award
Joseph Mass
T.V. Personality Award
Estic Rodriguez-Jackson
Young Artist Award
Derick Taylor, II
Young Musician Award
C. Ashley Brown Lawrence
LeKeisha Cotten Award "Service & Humility"
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2017 Award Recipients
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What is our purpose?

The Gulf Coast Gospel Music Awards (GCGMA) is the first of its kind on the MS Gulf Coast. It is an experience that brings artists together using well-designed, elegant events to advance each artist individually as well as collectively. We do this by providing resources and forums for personal and career development, events and collaborative programming, business and ministry connections, and by building successful relationships in the industry.


We also strive to establish an environment where artists and other industry professionals are recognized for their achievements and their contributions to Gospel music and the community. We aspire to encourage mentorships and to inspire seasoned professionals to mentor, train, and teach by providing a promise of (1) year of service for the award recipients, and provide a vehicle to give back to the community.


The Gulf Coast Gospel Music Awards proudly holds up an integral standard that showcases local persons in the community that exemplify positive lifestyles in the Spirit of Excellence.