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The Gulf Coast Gospel Music Awards (GCGMA) is under the umbrella of  LEKEISHA COTTEN ENTERPRISES, a 501c3 non-profit organization that committed to creating spaces and environments that promote Gospel music and the Performing Arts in all forms. GCGMA is the first of its kind on the MS Gulf Coast. It is an experience that brings artists together using well-designed, elegant events to advance each artist individually as well as collectively. We do this by providing resources and forums for personal and career development, events and collaborative programming, business and ministry connections, and by building successful relationships in the industry. We also strive to establish an environment where artists and other industry professionals are recognized for their achievements and their contributions to Gospel music and the community. We aspire to encourage mentorships and to inspire seasoned professionals to mentor, train, and teach by providing a promise of (1) year of service for the award recipients, and provide a vehicle to give back to the community. The Gulf Coast Gospel Music Awards proudly holds up an integral standard that showcases local persons in the community that exemplify positive lifestyles in the Spirit of Excellence. Since the inception, we have impacted over 3,000 connoisseurs in the Arts Market, to include Community and Civic Leaders, First Responders and both Business and Religious Influencers across 19 states and 2 countries! Each year, we garner an average of over 50,000 voters across the globe. In 2019 alone, we received over 90,000 votes and over 1,500 attendees.

GCGMA Academy/Guild Members

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