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  • Is this awards show just for Mississippi residents?
    Gulf Coast Gospel Music Awards is open to any artist or aspiring artist in any state of the U.S. as well as Internationally. Artist/Nominee must have a body of work and/or a visible social presence online. Nominee's wesbites, social media, online presence and community involvements will be reviewed by the GCGMA Guild before being placed on the ballot.
  • When will this event be held?
    GCGMA 2021 will be LIVE streamed and Televised in early October 2021. Please stay connected for frequent updates.
  • How do I nominate someone for this award?
    Nominations are open January 1 - 30 annually and submissions can be made online at
  • Can someone be nnominated in more than one category?
    Yes. A nominee can be nominated in multiple categories. If the nominee was nominated in the same category for two consecutive years, they will not be eligible to be nominated in the same category. There is a 1 year waiting period.
  • Why is there a fee associated with my nomination?
    The fee serves multiples purposes. It adds you to our membership list, covers the application processing and most importantly, gives you access to our extensive industry resouces, performance opportunities, radio and TV promo appearances, and discounts in our music industry network. While this fee is not required, we kindly ask all nominees to consider. Our Brand expands across National and International borders, affording all of our partners and nominees maximum exposure. Should you opt to forgot this nominal fee, please email us directly at Our online portal will not accept your application without it.
  • How can I purchase tickets to this event?
    GCGMA 2021 will not be held in an official capacity. This year's event will be LIVE streamed and Televised. Please stay tuned for more details on how you can participate in our 'Studio Audience Fan Experience' opportunities.
  • Who is the founder of this event?
    GCGMA was founded by LeKeisha Taylor Cotten. Indianola, Mississippi Delta native and resident of Gulfport, Mississippi. She is also a Recording Artist, Minister, Entreprenuer, and Public Figure. To read more about our Founder, visit
  • Will there be opportunities to showcase/perform during the Awards Weekend?
    Yes! We offer several opportunities to showcase or perform during the GCGMA Weekend. Each year, we will announce the number of available slots and event availability. Showcase slots are $150 each and must be paid in advance to secure your slot.
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